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Self-Breast Massage & Meditation

Presented by Cathy Lipsky, R.N.

Saturday, March 8 from 3-5 pm

$35 thru March 1; $40 thereafter

March is womens’ history month and what better way to celebrate our history than to learn a luscious self care exercise in the form of a massage and meditation.

The self breast massage and meditation uses introspection as its eastern focus of healing and massage to facilitate blood and lymph circulation.

Instead of “examining” our breasts monthly, a routine that is often approached with fear, we should regularly massage our breasts, which has shown to increase lymph flow & stimulate the pineal, pituitary and thymus gland as well as other glands.

According to Taoist philosophy, balancing & regulating the glands are an important way of strengthening & healing the body. By meditating on these glands during the breast massage it enhances the healing process.

We will begin with a short video presentation reviewing the anatomy of the breast tissue and follow with the meditation and massage.

We recommend you come wearing a camisole, come braless or wearing a bra without wire in it. During the massage we will wear a shawl to cover ourselves.

Bring a shawl, an open heart and your divine self!

You will receive instructions to take home to refer to outside of class.

Cathy Lipsky is a nurse practitioner who has over 40 years of experience in caring for the adult population.  She has focused the last 20 years on guiding and assisting people to develop an attitude of self care regarding their own wellness.  She uses different healing modalities such as traditional Chinese medicine, Maya massage and movement therapies in the form of yoga or tai chi to assist each person on their healing journey. 

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