Sound & Singing Circle

Experience the healing power of song!

Singing Circle The Rivertown Center for Yoga & Health Dobbs Ferry NY Westchester

Come to sing and be sung to, with soothing, simple two to four line songs, as well as a few that rouse the spirit. The act of singing has been shown to improve our state of well being by increasing our oxygen intake and releasing “feel good” chemicals in our brains. Joining with others in song unites our energies, allows us to be bathed in vibration and offers pain relief, emotional comfort and a stronger sense of community. No experience necessary and “listeners only” are welcome, too.

Sound & Singing Circles are held on Mondays, once per month.

Please check HERE to view our calendar.

In lieu of a fee, we suggest a donation of $20 per person. If your situation means that you can afford a little more or must pay a little less, please do so!