Laughing Yoga Returns

Living Joy-Full or Stress-Full?

a Laughing Yoga workshop with Yogi Simeon Darwick

Sunday, June 14th

3:00 – 5:00pm

Cancer cannot exist in an oxygenated environment” 

Here is the opportunity to choose joy in the face of what seems impossible, overwhelming, and down right ridiculous.

Living a life of laughter is a life worth living.  It is a life that has all the challenges and stress of life and yet chooses an attitude of gratitude and laughs in and with the face of defeat, embarrassment, fear, and disappointment in favor of starting fresh, clear, and inspired.

In this workshop you will learn techniques and exercises to embrace life with joy as the leader for all the other emotions in being human.

Bring your stresses and your joys.  The people you love and the people you find difficult to love.  All are welcome.

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$30 thru June 1st: $40 thereafter and at the door