Beth & Scott When we’re not co-owners of The Rivertown Center, we’re busy writing and performing music for children and families. CDs, DVDs and information about our shows for preK-6th grade are all available here.

Devarshi Steven Hartman  “I am dedicated to discovering and sharing transformational tools and experiences for living fully. Please join me in endless learning!” Yoga teacher, workshop leader and a wonderful human that continues to inspire.

Journey Into Yoga Brahmani Liebman, our former director, may be living in California, but her wisdom and teachings are only a click away! If you want to become a yoga teacher, take a wonderful retreat or connect – Brahmani remains interested in hearing from you.

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health This is the link to Kripalu’s homepage. We cannot say enough positive things about spending time at Kripalu. If you’re looking for a great R&R retreat, workshops by the best presenters or want to change your life, this is the place! It’s also located in the Berkshires next to Tanglewood, so you can enjoy music and nature, too!

Kripalu Resources This is a collection of articles, recipes, videos and more assembled by the folks at The Center.

Strings and Beyond This is Scott’s preferred site for all things guitar-related with an excellent selection of guitar strings and pics. The service is great and we like supporting small businesses!


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