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Registering for Classes is Easy!

While you are welcome to drop-in for classes, we think it makes better sense to commit to a seasonal package for three reasons:

  1. When you arrive, you simply sign-in and proceed to centering yourself. You don’t have to worry about money – just you!
  2. It’s less expensive!
  3. You are making a commitment which will yield greater skill and a deeper experience

First Pick Out Your Class…

Take a look at our calendar and the registration form below to see what works with your schedule.

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This Winter, our season will be 13 weeks from 12/29/14 -3/29/15. You can register for the whole season or pick one of our other options. If you’re new to Rivertown, you can try out a class one time for $10. We also have new “unlimited monthly” options, too!

Please note that some dates in your regularly scheduled class might be blacked-out due to other events taking place on that day/time. If that is the case, you should attend a different class that week.

At Rivertown, we would like you to register for the class that you are most likely to attend. Of course, you are welcome to use your class credits to practice on different days or times throughout the season. You can also share your credits with a friend or family member! However, your classes will not transfer to the next season nor will we be able to honor any refunds for classes not used.

Please Note…

Please see Rates & Policies for more information.

For some of us, filling out forms online can be stressful or confusing. If you need help filling out this form or have any problems with our site, call Scott Bierko at (914) 384-9981. He’ll be happy to walk you through the process!


Click HERE to Register for YOGA Classes.

Click HERE to Register for WORKSKHOPS

Click HERE to learn more about our different classes.


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