Shivananda Thomas Amelio


Is Your World Animate and Alive?

Monday, June 29th, 2015



Even those of us who meditate regularly may still think of ourselves as doing it to make our “separate selves” into “better” humans, while still maintaining our sense of “us and them” with others, and our larger environment.

Meditation, more than postures,  is actually the core of true “yoga” –when effective it will give you the sense of unifying connection with all that surrounds you. It will bring you into compassionate intimacy with your whole ecosystem–not just humans and sentient creatures, but with every “thing” –animate and “inanimate. ” What if everything was suffused with a kind of consciousness?  If a table has molecules dancing within it this very moment do those molecules have their own kind of purpose? Even joy?  I think this is one of the original principles behind systems such as Feng Shui in China, Vastu in India, and Sacred Geometry in Europe, and so forth.

In Kashmir Shaivism there is a principle called “spanda,” which refers to the pulsation of the entire universe and its contents as a dance of consciousness–as symbolized beautifully by Nataraj–the Dancing Shiva in a circle of flames.
In this class we will explore the transforming of our relationship to our world to see that it–and every “material” thing within it– can awaken for us as being magical and alive–even loving us back!

We will, in consciousness, travel through our own homes and other regular spaces to discover a new beauty and intimacy with the normal things that surround us. This inquiry will be uplifting, practical, poetic, and fun!

Shivananda Thomas Amelio practiced and studied yogic disciplines and philosophy in India. While there, he edited the book Yoga: The Ultimate Spiritual Path, by Swami Rajarshi Muni. A founding member of Kripalu, he is president of the New York Open Center, and teaches meditation and chanting in New York City. His latest meditation CD is Mantra Darshan.


$45 thru June 15th; $55 thereafter and at the Door

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The Art of Sequencing

The Art of Sequencing with Chris Glover

February 8, 2015 from 3:00 – 5:30 pm

Chris Glover The Rivertown Center for Yoga & Health Dobbs Ferry, NY

The Art of Sequencing is a workshop for yoga teachers and experienced students who want to enhance their knowledge of the principles and techniques of sequencing postures to empower their practice and teaching. In this workshop we will learn the relationships between the asanas, what to include to prepare the body for the next posture and how to craft a session to make yoga more accessible, sustainable and transforming.

Chris Glover was a former professional modern dancer and circus performer. She has been teaching yoga classes and workshops throughout Westchester and Rockland County since 1990. Chris was certified at the New Age Center with master teacher Tao Porchon Lynch. Her yoga training includes Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Kripalu techniques. She is an E-RYT 500 and has received Level II Reiki Attunement. Chris is also a certified gymnastic and circus acrobatic instructor and was the founder and co-director of the acclaimed Circus Arts Camp from 1989 to 2012.



$50.00 per person

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Guided Relaxation with Cello

Guided Relaxation with Cello: Moving into Stillness

with Laurie & Robin Luongo

Saturday, January 10  from 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Laurie LuongoRobin Luongo


Winter calls for turning inward to reflect and renew our energies. This form of guided relaxation, developed by Laurie, restores us physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are able to go inside as a witness to all we find, creating an opportunity for increased self-awareness, acceptance and healing.

Through a systematic process the practice creates subtle shifts in our inner perceptions so that we can recognize the internal disturbances that pull us away from peace.

During the workshop we will connect to the breath and flow through postures to move and build energy in the body. The class will culminate in an extended guided relaxation integrated with the soothing sounds of cello.

Join Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Laurie Luongo, in collaboration with Filene Scholar and cellist, Robin Luongo, as we tune in to the rhythm of the season, opening to the possibilities that extended darkness offers.


$40 by January 8th; $50 thereafter.

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Let Your Yoga Dance

Let Your Yoga Dance

with Beth Bierko

LYYD Purple

Where Joy and Fun Meet Deep and Sacred


What is “Let Your Yoga Dance”?

It’s an amazing Chakra Fusion! A joy-filled power dance combining yoga, the breath, and user-friendly dance with fabulous music from all around the world. It is a funky, sacred, inspirational dance of the multi-dimensional self, bringing tons of fun and healing to body, mind, spirit. Let Your Yoga Dance® is for every single body and wonderful for all ages.


What Happens in a Class?

Grace in Motion happens; a chakra dance explosion happens. Seven energy centers provide the foundation for this dance of yoga. We dance the Yoga of the wild and woolly, the sexy and silly, the deep and delicious. We wrap ourselves in our biggest embodied self while dancing beyond our dreams. We are held in the sacred arms of mother earth while simultaneously honoring her. We are shaken to our core by drums and rhythms of the Earth. We dance our animal archetypes and our spirit prayers. We dance our energy, inviting it to flow upward from the base of our spine up through the crown of the head, and back down to the earth again. Result? A blissful body, joyous heart, a steady and quiet mind.


The recommended donation for this class is $20,

but we will happily accept whatever amount is within your means.


Upcoming Dates

October 5 @ 7pm

November 2 @ 7pm

December 7 @7pm

Patricia Bloom

Using Mindfulness to Reduce Stress

And Deepen Your Yoga Practice


Patricia Bloom, MD




Sunday, November 2,  2014

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm


In the traditional practice of yoga, the asanas are an opening to deeper levels of meditation, whereas Western translation of yoga practice has focused mainly on the asanas.   This workshop will provide participants with experience in deepening their personal practice of mindfulness, as well as techniques for introducing mindfulness to yoga students. 

During the workshop, we will:



  • Explore some of the neuroscience of the stress reduction provided by mindfulness practice.
  • Practice the formal mindfulness practices taught in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR): sitting and walking meditation, the body scan, and mindful movement.
  • Learn how to increase mindfulness while practicing the asanas and learn how to increase mindfulness in  everyday life


Patricia Bloom MD is a physician, mindfulness teacher and yoga teacher.  She has worked for over 35 years as an academic clinician educator in internal and geriatric medicine at Albert  Einstein, Columbia, and Mount Sinai medical centers, where her main interests have been in health promotion, healthy aging, and Mind Body Medicine.  She is a certified teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, teaches meditation and MBSR to patients, caregivers, health professionals and trainees, and workplace groups, and is involved in research concerning the benefits of mindfulness.  She completed the 200- and 500-hour Kripalu teacher trainings with Brahmani and Jashoda at Rivertowns Yoga.



$50 Early Bird Rate – Register by October 20

$60 Thereafter

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Sharon Salzberg – LovingKindness


Sharon Salzberg – LovingKindness

Wednesday, October 8, 2014  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

LovingKindness is a meditation that cultivates our natural capacity for an open and loving heart. It is traditionally offered with meditations that enrich compassion, and joy in the happiness of others, and also deepen our own sense of peace. These practices lead to the development of concentration, connection, fearlessness, and genuine happiness. Sharon Salzberg will introduce these teachings and support us in our own experience and cultivation of these qualities through direct instruction and guided meditation using classical techniques in a modern idiom. There will also be opportunities for questions. This evening is suitable for both new and experienced meditators.


Sharon Salzberg is cofounder of the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Barre, Massachusetts. She has been a student of meditation since 1971, guiding meditation retreats worldwide since 1974.  Sharon’s latest book is Real Happiness At Work: Meditations for Accomplishment, Achievement, and Peace, published by Workman Publishing. She is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and is also the author of several other books including the New York Times Best Seller, Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation: A 28-Day Program (2010), Love Your Enemies (2013), Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience (2002), and Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness (1995). For more information about Sharon, please visit:



$30 per person – Early Bird extended to September 30

 $40 thereafter

Some need-based scholarships are available for this event. Please contact Beth Bierko @ for more information.

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Laughing Yoga Returns

Living Joy-Full or Stress-Full?

a Laughing Yoga workshop with Yogi Simeon Darwick

Sunday, June 14th

3:00 – 5:00pm

Cancer cannot exist in an oxygenated environment” 

Here is the opportunity to choose joy in the face of what seems impossible, overwhelming, and down right ridiculous.

Living a life of laughter is a life worth living.  It is a life that has all the challenges and stress of life and yet chooses an attitude of gratitude and laughs in and with the face of defeat, embarrassment, fear, and disappointment in favor of starting fresh, clear, and inspired.

In this workshop you will learn techniques and exercises to embrace life with joy as the leader for all the other emotions in being human.

Bring your stresses and your joys.  The people you love and the people you find difficult to love.  All are welcome.

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$30 thru June 1st: $40 thereafter and at the door

Nurturing the Nurturers

In Celebration of Mother’s Day Weekend,

Join us for a Workshop to Love and Be Loved

Beth Bierko The Rivertown Center for Yoga & Health Dobbs Ferry New York

“Nurturing the Nurturers”

with Beth Bierko


As women, many of us are very adept at taking care of others, yet struggle to save some of that loving attention for ourselves.

We may be unable or unwilling to receive as much as we give. Join Kripalu teacher and Director of Rivertown Center, Beth Bierko, to explore ways to nourish yourself, including yoga, dance and massage.

We will also hold space for contemplating our relationships with mothers and as mothers through meditation, journaling and group reflection.

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 $60 thru May 6; $75 thereafter


Brahamani Liebman Workshop

Building Our Inner Resources:

Embodied Presence – A Gateway to Freedom

A Half-Day Retreat w/ Brahmani Liebman

Sunday, October 11th from 2:00 – 5:30pm  


There is a wellspring of resource available to each of us at any moment. Throughout life we often look outside of ourselves, and the sacred vessel of the body to connect to wisdom, peace and truth. The experience of this lies within. All the great traditions point us in that direction. The sense doors are an invitation and are used as part of the path to recognize our innate nature of peace and ease. We will explore what it means to really be home in this sacred body regardless of conditions. We will inquire into what it is to take refuge in Embodied Presence.

During our time together we will inquire and explore through the practices of active and passive (Yin) Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and more to reconnect with the multi-dimensions of our being. The intention of this retreat time is to invite you into an experience of Embodied Presence and offer ways to take this into your life as a pathway to awakening to Freedom, to Love, your true essential nature.

You will learn and leave with practices that continue to build the resources to live on and off the mat so that life can flow with the greatest of ease. We will be together in community to support the journey. I look forward, as always, to being with this sacred Sangha. Please bring a journal.


Register Early and Save $$$

Early Bird: $55 (ends September 10)

Regular Price: $65 (ends October 5)

Last Minute: $75 (October 6 thru October 11)

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Please Note

We are happy to provide economic assistance to those individuals who need it. 

Contact Brahmani or Beth Bierko in advance and we will be glad to help you attend this event.