The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge (Pt. 1)

Welcome, Dear Ones! It's time to inspire one another, to conspire to make this November a month of peace and love for ourselves and the people around us. Each day this month, I will post a video or post that I hope you will find interesting. Please join us in this space or at our yoga studio this coming Read more [...]

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Increase the Peace

In our first few years of practicing yoga, Beth and I took one class per week on Thursday mornings. One year, I missed a bunch of Thursdays, so when December rolled around I had four classes to make up with only one week remaining in the season.  Having a very busy performance schedule and feeling under Read more [...]

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It’s Not Easy Being Human

Beginning November 1st, I am making some changes – returning to the habits and practices that make me feel healthy and make me feel good about myself.  Like many, I can sometimes “fall off the wagon” and I have to go through a period where I climb back on and start moving the wagon in the right Read more [...]

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Learning to Do Less

Sometimes, I try to do too much. I fall into the trap of thinking that there’s a benefit to multi-tasking, from moving without pause from thing to thing. Living all my life in close proximity to the energy of NYC, I was raised in a culture where the more you do and the more you get is a measure of Read more [...]

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Kripalu Yoga in Westchester, NY

One of the things that I discovered early on is that the quality of the teacher is the most important factor in selecting a yoga class...or any type of class! When we are learning (and we are always learning), we need a guide who cares deeply about his or her students. Kripalu means "compassionate" Read more [...]

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